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The Advanced Way: How We Get You Started

Advanced VoIP Solutions is proud of our 20+ years of experience, our many awards, and thousands of happy customers. What we’re even more proud of is our streamlined, yet detailed, onboarding process for new clients.

VoIP Provides Huge Value for Remote Work

VoIP can allow you to make online phone calls, but it can also bring a wide variety of tools to the table — tools that will be extremely helpful for any remote work environment and the team using it.

saving money with voip phone system

VoIP Costs: Expectation vs. Reality

If you’re looking at updating your phone system, you’ve probably looked into a VoIP, or voice- over-internet-protocol, phone system. You might have read several articles already, or read various reviews of the technology in general, as well as how it’s provided by various companies. Today I’ll address a few common misconceptions about VoIP — hopefully…
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phone systems for your small business

Small Office Phone Systems

You’re a small business owner — your staff is small, your office is small, but your profits and workload are just the opposite. That’s why you need a communications system that is flexible and can change as you and your employees shift between roles. Advanced VoIP Solutions provides a fully customizable phone system and service,…
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Alphabet Soup: HIPAA, PHI, BAA

If you work in healthcare, you’re already familiar with the first two acronyms, and you know that patient information must be protected, without exception. If you’re a stakeholder or decision maker at any sort of healthcare practice, I have a question for you — Do your vendors have a Business Associates Agreement (BAA)? They should.…
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VoIP and Internet Outages: When the Plan goes to Hell

It’s baked into the name: Voice-over-internet-protocol. Your voice speeding over the internet, reaching its destination in milliseconds. Marvelous. But what if your internet goes down? This is a huge concern for those thinking of switching from traditional landline phone service to voice-over-internet. I’ll cover the ways in which Advanced VoIP Solutions can protect you from…
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VoIP and Business Reputation: They’re Unified

Reputation is the lifeblood of your business, regardless of its size. Your reputation in the community (and your industry) is what attracts quality customers, lands you meetings with other business leaders, and causes your employees to have pride in their work. If you’ve done it right, even a non-customer will know your vision and values…
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