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Government Entities Need Smart Communication Solutions

Whether it’s maintaining social programs and enforcing new policies or simply answering inquiries from citizens and the media, both government and state institutions are invariably challenged to deliver accurate information and provide exceptional services while reducing operational costs.

This is one of the reasons why government agencies need to use a robust and powerful communication system to enable employees to communicate and collaborate with their constituents, colleagues, and the public more effectively.

We can help you make the switch to a VoIP Phone Service that will elevate your government office productivity, increase functionality and mobility, allowing you to add remote workers and connect multiple offices all in one system. 


Our Features Work For Government Entities

At Advanced VoIP Solutions, many of the government agencies that rely on us for excellent solutions use our fleet of intelligent communication systems. The AVS cloud-based phone systems are an easy way to integrate your voice systems and cloud communications for the most efficient and cost-effective system possible.


An auto attendant can help enable employees to communicate and collaborate with their constituents, colleagues, and the public more effectively.


Collaborate with the right department staff, and permit citizens to send updates, links, and important details to better communicate their concerns.


Stay connected to customers from anywhere, and quickly determine what action needs to be taken based on the transcription. Staff can easily delegate tasks, determine the level of priority, and stay focused on current tasks.


The call logs feature help you view the entire record of your incoming and outgoing calls. Through this VoIP Business feature you can also see the names, numbers of the callers along with the extension dialed, the call time, date and duration.


Providing a full record of what transpired and when, call recording can help prevent and/or resolve any problems or lawsuits that may arise. This is practically a necessity in government where lawsuits, complaints, and other problems pop up on a daily basis.


Your remote workers can stay integrated into the office workflow and operations with softphones that are provided to allow employees to work without disruption. Your team can make calls as usual with the same extension.

Business Intelligence Helps Government Agencies Thrive

In a world of budget cuts, government organizations and agencies are expected to improve operational efficiency, while meeting expectations for modern communications and fast response times.

A customizable cloud-based VoIP phone system ensures that your organization’s communications are scalable, secure, flexible and ready to respond in any situation. Our government VoIP phone systems provide a reliable and clear voice connection so that you can communicate effectively exactly where and when you need to. We also have experience working on integrations with local co-ops in the event your numbers aren’t portable.

Take advantage of Advanced VoIP’s affordable government telecommunication solutions that provide organizations and agencies with reliable, secure communications technology to support constituent needs and meet mission-critical goals.