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School Systems Need Smart

Communication Solutions

School systems have specific requirements for the cloud-based phone systems that they rely on to communicate from staff member to staff member.

K–12 customers trust Advanced VoIP Solutions with their voice communications more than any other hosted provider on the market today. AVS specializes in delivering simple, cost-effective communications solutions customized for schools like yours.

Whether it’s a single school deployment with a few dozen handsets or a multi-site school district with thousands of phones, AVS has the right phone solution for you.


Our Features Work For School Systems

At Advanced VoIP Solutions, many of the school systems that rely on us for excellent solutions use our fleet of intelligent communication systems. The AVS cloud-based phone systems are an easy way to integrate your voice systems and cloud communications for the most efficient and cost-effective system possible.


An auto attendant can help the right person talk to the right staff member, at the right time. Never leave your parents or district officials on hold again.


Need a more efficient way to get information from a parent or student so your staff can continue to work on applications or complete requests? SMS text features make it easy to get the information needed quickly.


Stay connected to parents and students from anywhere, and quickly determine what action needs to be taken based on the transcription. Staff members can easily delegate tasks, determine the level of priority, and stay focused on current tasks.


Keep track of call information and student data in many ways. With features like call screening, the facility can identify student information in-advance before deciding how or in which way they should answer the call.


Don’t just monitor calls across your school, understand exactly what your facility needs to serve parents and students in the most efficient way possible with call recording.


Allow staff to work without disruption when working remotely, and make calls as usual with the same extension and access voicemail. Our softphone features can help remote staff stay integrated into office workflow and operations.

Simplify School Safety and Communications 

Use your phone system to easily handle coordinated emergency responses.

Instill confidence in students, staff, and the community with Advanced VoIP’s suite of communication tools. AVS ensures your school communications continue even during a WAN outage. Emergency dial-plans automatically re-route call traffic off-net for uninterrupted local calling and prioritized emergency dialing.



Cross Plains ISD is prepared for E-Learning and the Future, equipped with VoIP Solutions.

With the uncertainty of the future, Cross Plains Independent School District knew they would need to upgrade their communication system. Already feeling the frustrations caused by their current phone system’s rigidity, they knew they needed something more flexible and reliable. Advanced VoIP was able to give them just that. Now equipped with a communication system that is flexible enough to accommodate any new school setups, Cross Plains is ready for whatever the future of education holds. 


Cross Plains ISP found that they were struggling to keep up with our increasingly interconnected world’s technological demands. As a smaller public-school district, they didn’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to vet and seek upgraded technology solutions to the roadblocks they were hitting. Their biggest issue was communicating with each other and the parents and students when outside of their physical offices. Communication directly impacts trust, and without it, parents and students were feeling left in the dark.


Advanced VoIP recognized that Cross Plains’ communication system lacked three key things: centralization, management, and accessibility. We offered a VoIP solution that centralized their communication system over both school campuses and allowed for accessibility to the phone system from anywhere. We set teachers up with a voicemail that would send the message to their emails so they could respond quickly and efficiently. Additionally, built into their contract is ongoing support, maintenance, and training with on-site visits if needed. That way, their staff can stay focused on being great educators.


Now equipped with a communication system that is flexible enough to accommodate any future school setups, Cross Plains is ready for whatever the future of education holds. Administrators now have the confidence they needed to assure their staff, students, and parents that they can continue to provide the best learning environment for their students through whatever circumstances arise.


Cross Plains ISD is a public Independent School District in Cross Plains, Texas. They have two schools, Cross Plains Elementary and Cross Plains High School, and serve about 340 kids in grades PK-12. Cross Plains ISD fosters a community that cares for one another while working together to provide the best learning environment for the kids.


Read what VoIP Solutions was able to do for Hamlin CISD

Hamlin CISD is located in Hamlin, TX, in Jones and Fisher counties, roughly 40 miles north of Abilene, TX. As a Title I school with about 250 students, the district employs the collegiate education model, allowing them to use state-of-the-art technologies and teaching methods to prepare students to either enter college or the workforce — most of all, they focus on ensuring student safety and employability. Their communications investment in a comprehensive, integrated phone system allows them to focus on learning.


Simplify School Communication with Advanced VoIP Solutions