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Advanced VoIP’s New Mobile App

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Advanced VoIP’s New Mobile App

mobile phone app

We are excited to unveil our new mobile app for VoIP calling. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with VoIP services that save their businesses time and money. As we are experiencing a major shift in the make-up of workplace environments, we knew that we had to provide a solution more conducive to mobile work environments.  

Our mobile app will allow our VoIP customers to instantly transform their mobile device into a business line while maintaining the separation between personal and professional communications.  

Our Mobile VoIP App Features & Benefits 

  1. Complete Unified Communications solution that works with your Private Branch Exchange accounts 

You can collaborate with your team and receive calls no matter where you are working. With the app you can make video calls, organize audio conferences, group chats, create public channels, share files, and more.  

  1. Easily and securely organize remote work for your employees 

With the mobile app you can dial external numbers using corporate identity phone numbers and receive calls through your PBX extension. Our app will keep track of your business communications, organized by each contract.  

  1. Enhanced connectivity and call quality even with an unstable internet connection 

Advanced VoIP Solutions enhances the connectivity and the quality of voice, implementing the best-in-class audio codecs. Additionally, with push notifications, you can stay connected anywhere you are and continue to provide excellent service to your customers and connect with your co-workers.  

  1. Keep your conversations and data secure 

The Advanced VoIP Solutions app provides encryption for calls, messages, and data by default using the strongest block cyphers available. In this day and age, security is paramount for every business, and we recognize that.  

  1. Never forget the details of conversations 

The Advanced VoIP Solutions app has a call recording and call playback feature, so you never again have to worry about remembering every detail of your phone call. You can rest easily knowing you can record calls or play them back to be certain you captured every detail.  

  1. Mini Customer Relationship Management right at your fingertips 

Advanced VoIP Solutions knows the benefit of keeping everything organized within one platform which is why they have utilized a mini-CRM within the mobile app. A complete sales system at your fingertips makes life that much easier.  

Benefits of Mobile VoIP Apps for Businesses 

Mobile VoIP phones are increasingly popular not only with individuals but also with businesses looking to streamline their operations and lower their overhead. Businesses with personnel on the road with company-issued cell phones find mobile VoIP service to be a cost-effective solution.  

If you are interested in making the switch to VoIP, please use the button below to book a consultation call, we are always happy to help.  

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