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VoIP and Business Reputation: They’re Unified

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VoIP and Business Reputation: They’re Unified

Reputation is the lifeblood of your business, regardless of its size. Your reputation in the community (and your industry) is what attracts quality customers, lands you meetings with other business leaders, and causes your employees to have pride in their work. If you’ve done it right, even a non-customer will know your vision and values when they hear business name or see your logo. When most people think about their business reputation, they think about marketing, advertising, or most commonly, their online reputation. They do not, however, think about their business phone system and its impact on their reputation. There is power in every customer interaction, regardless of the channel. This post will consider the potential increase or decrease in brand value and reputation in every phone call, and how you can use Advanced VoIP Solutions to ensure your reputation is positively affected during phone calls.

Unification of your Reputation

Consider these screenshots, farmed from Google reviews in Abilene, Texas (in case you’re reading this from elsewhere).