What is VoIP?

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Will I be charged extra fees for features like voicemail, caller ID, conference bridges, or anything else?

No, you will never be charged extra fees for any voice related features.

What kind of wiring will the system require?

Here’s where the advantages of VoIP really shine. All you need is a Cat5 Ethernet connection everywhere you need voice service.

I don’t have Cat5 Ethernet cable in places where I will need phone service. Will you handle this problem?

Yes! We work with a trusted 3rd party vendors to ensure the correct cable is in place for a reasonable fee. If this cost rises, you may pay this cable installation fee in monthly installments added to your bill.

So you provide the Cat5 cable. Do you provide internet service as well?

No, we are strictly VoIP. You will have to acquire internet service separately.

Will my internet provide enough bandwidth for phone service AND everything else I do at work?

The answer is almost assuredly yes. Besides, we will program your router and our switch to prioritize all voice traffic. Your call quality will never suffer.

What are your privacy, security, payment and return policies?

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